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Thesis Geek functions in the United States and the UK as well. Although the site has been in this business for some time, there's no precise data about its provenance. As the company name already suggests, ThesisGeek targets on offering essays of great complexity level, creating dissertations and theses is their area of expertise, as well as editing and proofreading this kind of work. Furthermore, the firm highlights that it concentrates on copywriting different materials for Master of Business Administration, or MBA, for students studying at business school. Research is yet another domain in which the company is experienced, as well as sorting graphics, references, statistics, and other standard investigation aspects.

The facts is well organized, although it may seem crowded, at a first impact. In this direction, review article sites frown upon this readability insufficiency, that makes the data not easy to follow.

Features and Products: Grade

ThesisGeek doesn't solely present options for college academic settings, but also for high school scholars needing aid in their articles. But largely, they compose pieces such as scholastic papers, university articles, proposals, resume cover letters, or term pieces of paper. The Thesis Geek web site explains what features they present, while it's not necessarily very obvious. Examples or trial samples are not provided, and evaluations for declare that it is difficult to find the services on the webpage.

Copywriters and support

Thesis Geek outlines that their writers are excellently prepared ever since the attention lies on complicated materials mostly, which require a higher level of organizing and experience. On top of that, in lines with the facts located on the website, the copywriters have had their experience carefully verified, before they were offered the jobs.

The customer support service is problematic because it's laborious and time-consuming. One can communicate with the support service via telephone, e-mail, or chat-line. However, the staff members weren't actually helpful, and their understanding of the services and offers was quite restricted. As well, they was missing enthusiasm. They didn't talk their utmost gives, and the info about price tags wasn't clearly talked about.

Pricing information is apparently an issue the staff is not totally informed on yet.

Info on price tags

The rates for features from Thesisgeek service are based on a two-tier strategy: producing from scratch and alternatively, proofreading and/or editing. For essays from scratch, with a length of 10 pages and a final target time of 15 days, a Master's stage paper came at $265.5o, while a Ph.D. essay in the very same circumstances was $288. Obviously, a real difference in cost accounts for the gap in scholastic grade as well as perhaps, difficulty. But while the contrast between the two is not large, the rate is.

By the market's requirement, this really makes for a very expensive service. The reason behind this is likewise the truth that a range of steps that are free on most other web pages are priced on their own on These offerings contain: choice of copywriter, abstract, table of contents, plagiarism report, outline, and many others. The average consumer review sets the price tags at high. There is no promo code not available for use, and neither are coupons.

regarding the facts we've accumulated, we can say that is not fraud or scam, since the website has been running for an long period of time, and it seems to be fully encrypted. In spite of, the rating and customer reviews about the service are generally negative - the prices are excessively high, and the scarcity of actual facts regarding the authors' profiles is unconvincing. That's why Thesis Geek isn't on our top list of producing organizations.